• Should a parent, of his own accord, decide against sending his child to the School, after he has deposited the admission fee with the School, he will not be entitled to a refund of the fee and rules mentioned in para 4 & 5 of FEE STRUCTURE/RULES will apply.
  • Parents and guardians who persistently disobey the School rules, or who are constantly over demanding in attitude will be deemed non-cooperative. In the absence of the possibility of a variable working relationship with them to the advantage of their wards, the Principal has the right to demand the withdrawal of the latter.
  • When the parents of the Day Scholars or the Boarders are called to the school by the Principal to discuss aspects of their child’s academic performance or general behaviour, they must assume that the reasons for such a call are of considerable importance or urgency. Hence, unless their co-operation is immediate and wholehearted, they shall be obliged to withdraw their child from the school.
  • It is demanded of each student that he participates in any or all the extracurricular activities of the School when called on to do so. Without exemption of the Principal, a student’s refusal to comply in this matter will entail his immediate and compulsory withdrawal from the school. The rule applies both to the Day Scholars and Boarders.
  • Students can also be asked to leave the school on following grounds:

    • Disciplinary.
    • Unsatisfactory progress in work.
    • Repeated detention in a class.
  • TC for children for withdrawal will not be issued until all dues by parents are settled.

Refund of private account balance

The private account balance will be refunded after three months from the date of issue of transfer certificate. The parents should submit a written application within the stipulated period. If no claim is lodged, the claim will lapse on completion of assessment year in December of each year.
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