Leave / Going Out

  • A list of holidays is sent to the parents at the beginning of the academic session.
  • Students will be granted leave other than school holiday subject to whether there:
    • Work and conduct is satisfactory. No parents can demand leave, if for some reason it has been denied to the student.
    • Parents, or any other person authorized by the parents in writing, have to collect the child. Two copies of photographs of the parents or any other person authorized by the parents will be kept in child’s personal file.
  • If a Boarder fails to report to the School by the specified time without notice and prior permission from the Principal, a fine of Rs.1000/- can be imposed and forfeit the next leave due and if this should fail to ensure his reporting punctually in future, he will be asked to leave the School. Parents are requested to ensure that their children return to the School by the specified time after the midterm and winter holidays.
Note: No parent can visit the child during the week. They can visit only when an outing is given as per the School Fixture.

Going Out

  • Permission to stay overnight will be granted only to the parents and local guardian authorized by the parents.
  • No person below the age of 25 years will be authorized by the parents to collect the child.
  • Frequent visits by the parents are unsettling for the children, hence parents are requested to co-operate in observing these rules. Parents should allow their children to adjust to the new environment.

Tutorial Classes

  • Most subject teachers are available to individual students or to group on mutually convenient time to assist them, on a voluntary basis, at their weaker subjects.
  • In order to help weak students to come up to standard, special tutorials are organized by the School.
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