Brief History

LONGVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL, was started as a primary school in the year 2001 with the mission “EDUCATION FOR ALL”.. Today the school has grown to a full fledged secondary school. The management of LONGVIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL is in the hands of leading educationists. LPS is an English medium residential cum day school for boys from classes I to X. The school has been granted affiliation by CBSE Delhi and strictly follows the curriculum prescribed by CBSE.

To our way of thinking education means natural growth and unfolding of all the faculties. With this in mind, the school seeks to provide a situation and environment that engenders activities of different kinds. We make a special effort to cultivate the hand as well as the head, encouraging creative expression, however crude the form it may be at first assume. We want each child to learn the secrets of his own personality and to acquire satisfactory outlets for his physical and emotional life.

One often hears several clichés when it comes to defining the ideal school environment and culture. There are several words that are used: joyful, child centred, interactive, one that allows the child to construct knowledge etc., but in LPS “All we do is to create a warm and welcoming environment for the children in our school — learning takes place automatically as children love to come to the school every day”.

“It doesn’t matter who I am,
I will work, work and work,
All the forces of the universe
will also assist me,
I will achieve what I dream”.

We wish all our children dream and fight for their dreams and all of us at LPS help them reach their dreams, then not only will they succeed today but for rest of their life.
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