School Residential Life at Lps

  • The boarding environment ensures that students are exposed to an educational setup where learning is central to all activities. It’s a unique experience that promotes companionship, friendship, trust and honesty between children and adults.
  • Boarding Schools bestow on students an independence they would not have living at home. It’s an ideal preparation for the challenges and responsibilities of adult life.
  • Children at Boarding School benefit from individual attention and heightened interaction between students and their teachers.
  • Boarding Schools traditionally have dedicated teachers who see their work as a calling – not a job.
  • Boarding School students are uniquely prepared for higher challenges in life. LPS graduates often end up attending the finest schools in and around Nainital. In addition, they arrive at college better prepared as they learned how to be responsible at Boarding School.
  • Students are conditioned for future success because they are encouraged to achieve their full potential while in Boarding School. Boarding life teaches Students not only excel at college or university, but advance rapidly in their professional careers.

It’s really a great experience to spend every single day at LPS campus.

Since we care for the students at LPS, we minimise the consumption of junk food, we ensure minimal uses of electronic gadgets, offensive or prohibited things into their life.

We believe in giving them what is good for their life and not what they expect best from them! We are quality conscious and that reflects on quality delivery of our services for our students. Here at LPS, we serve them quality food cooked on our premises with great care and hygiene. The students are served five meals and milk every day, they are also served non-vegetarian food at least once a week.


In each dormitory a student is provided with personal cupboards, a bed with metres, a chair and a footwear rack. All the dormitories have seating and study area and are also equipped with CCTV camera, connected directly to the Residence Office for their safety.

Clean and Filtered Water Points

Drinking water matters much in a child’s health. LPS has set up drinking water points throughout the campus providing filtered water at all the times.

Solar Heater

The school is equipped with solar water heating system and also diesel boilers to meet the need for bathing of its children in all seasons.

Ethics & Spirituality

Spirituality is the guideline to the life. LPS promotes freedom of an individual religious belief and practice.

Value Meetings

LPS focuses on value classes from across the sections of the society to strengthen the rich diversity of our culture, mainly missing in today's India which has a great history.

House Activities

House Activities form part of a student’s regular day. Students are motivated to constantly participate in all indoor and outdoor activities.

Health & Safety

Health care is the major focus of LPS. The pollution free environment and personal care by its staff leads to healthy living in the campus, nevertheless, it has well serving first aid and necessary medicines. We have a doctor on call and in addition to this the government Hospital is just 5 min away from LPS providing medical services for 24 Hours.

Besides, Fire Extinguishers are distantly placed for the fire safety and leaders and staff members are trained in handling such situation.

Dining Facility and Food

LPS has modern dining facility. The chefs are specialized in cooking foods of all kinds. The school uses high quality oil, grains and spices. It serves food of all Indian tastes with all the delicious items like Dhosa, Chola-Bhatura, Momos, Parathas, Tandoori, Chinese, Mughlai and many more is regularly served to the students.

Grocery Storage

LPS maintains a cold storage to serve fresh vegetables and fruit to the students.

Services Stationery

LPS stocks the necessary stationeries like pen, pencil, notebooks, textbooks, toiletries, dresses eatables like biscuits, chocolates, fruity, etc for its boarding students. With this a fully updated student’s account pocket money, is also maintained.

Student’s Communication Facility

At LPS we respect the sentiments of the parents and students and their desire to be in touch with their near and dear ones. Our students are allowed to make phone calls once a week to their homes.

Parents Visit

We organized Parent’s Visits for the Students once a month and may also allow night out with prior permission.

Tailor Services

Every wear and tear to any dress or personal cloth is stitched by an appointed tailor of the school.

Laundry Services

The school’s Laundry Services are well set. Twice a week, students can give their clothes for washing and ironing.

Salon Services

Barbers are timely arranged for the Haircuts of the Children. We promote moderate and sober look of our students and so have planned a typical good looking hairstyle for every student.

An Offsite Swimming Facility

The school has tied up for an offsite swimming facility for its in house students. The students are given close to 16 hrs of swimming classes each year at a 5 star location with the aim of giving a modern life experience to its children.

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