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Mr. Kamal Tripathi
Awarded Brand Icon Kumaon Times of India 2018.
Director Ayu Nature Reserve.
Director Samrat Associates & Real Estate.
Founder and Director Aahana The Corbett Wilderness.
resort is highly acclaimed by environmentalists for conservation, employing
local people and making investments in recycling projects. Founder of Long View Public School Welfare Society.
A visionary who strongly believes in giving back to Nature!

HERO : the first thing that comes to our mind when we hear that word, is an actor from a movie. But I want to tell you that a hero is someone who has noble qualities, great character and is hard-working. That is what I want all students to toil for, to become a 'Hero' in someone's life. The best gift that you could bestow on anybody is to be kind and generous to~~rds them. It is a quality which, if not present in a human, can steal all his greatness away. Therefore, I emphasize on this thought.

In life, we often focus on big things and we tend to forget the happiness we receive from small things. I want to tell everyone that in life half the distance can take you twice as far, therefore it is important to put in our best in everything we do, even if the task be a small one. So, students, put in your best efforts and make the most of all the opportunities that come your way.

Apart from this, I would like to congratulate the entire LPS family for making these fifteen years of the institution a success. Right from the beginning, the founders have put in their utmost effort to provide children with the best of education which also equips them to face the real world.

I carry immense gratitude towards the Founder Principal, Group Captain Ram Prakash Sharma, for his undying efforts and for his great service towards this institution. He worked on an honorary basis and laid the founding blocks of the school.

Mr. Kamal Tripathi
Longview Public School, Nainital
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