Schools Aims & Objectives

  • LONGVIEW PUBLIC School aims to be an outstanding school where young minds enjoy learning, achieve highly and move on with confidence.
  • LPS aims to provide an environment that encourages each individual to develop qualities of self-discipline, motivation, makes them confident and competent members of the society.
  • LPS will build a strong and effective partnership with parents and the local community.
  • LPS will continue to develop the literary, creativity and communicative skills necessary for them to take part in the progress of the society.
  • LPS will develop the positive ethos and learning culture in students for incessant improvement to meet highest expectations.
  • LPS will develop positive qualities in students in all areas of life and character.
  • LPS will recognize, promote and boost the feeling of self-worth in each and every student.
  • LPS will develop socially acceptable behavior and attitude in students.
  • LPS will develop a broad and balanced curriculum to meet the demands of modern society.
  • LPS will develop in students care and respect for people and the environment.

School Mission Statement 2022……

Promoting Environmental Awareness through Protection, Cleanliness & Enrichment. The school plans to do this by banning polythene and creating a “no-polythene zone”, and further we plan to the environment by planting around 300 trees every year and achieve the target of more than 2000 trees by the year 2022…….
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