School Medical

  • The School has a qualified and experienced Doctor, who visits School infirmary regularly. Cases of minor ailments are cared for in the School infirmary while cases requiring hospital care are transferred to the local Govt. Hospital, Nainital. Parents are informed when a student is transferred to the hospital. The bills on account of treatment are sent to the parents.
  • Expenditure on Medicines, X-rays, hospitalization, operations or treatment by specialist doctors will be billed to the parents.
  • The school maintains the medical record of each boarder and parents are requested to assist the School in maintaining accurate records which may be of help in an emergency.
  • A medical certificate to the effect that a child is not suffering from any infectious disease or constitutional disorder rendering him unfit for residence in the hills must be sent to the Principal before a student can be admitted.
  • Should it be discovered that a student is suffering from a chronic illness or infirmity subsequent to admission, the Principal will have the right to require the withdrawal of the student from the School.
  • A student who has suffered from an infectious disease during any vacation shall not be permitted to return unless he is medically cleared by both, the family doctor as well as by the Medical Officer of the School.
  • Children’s eye sight and teeth must be attended to during the long winter vacations and not kept pending for the School authorities to tend to during the regular session.
  • While all reasonable care will be exercised for the supervision of the students and their safety, the Management accepts no responsibility, moral or legal, for injuries or accidents sustained by a student while he is a member of the School.
  • In the event of a serious illness of a Boarder his parents are informed immediately. They may keep in constant touch with school over the phone.

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