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Communication from Members of the School Management Committee on completion of 15 Glorious Years.......
Prof. P.K. Pande (Former Pro Vice Chancellor University of Roorkee):
It is a pleasure to know that the Longview Public School is bringing out the 15th edition of school magazine. The school in a short span of 15 years has carved out a place for itself among the educational institution of this area. Being Ranked No. 1 CBSE school of Nainital by is an achievement of which the school can be justifiably proud. This is a result of the untiring efforts of the Principal and all staff of the school and they deserve to be congratulated for the same. I am quite sure that LPS will attain greater heights in the years to come.
I would like to convey my best wishes for the continued progress of the school.
Prof. Charu C. Pant (Ex-Head, Former Dean Faculty of Science, K.U., Nainital):
I am delighted to learn that Longview Public School is bringing out its 15th volume of school magazine on the occasion of completion of 15 glorious years of its existence. The School is continuously striving in pursuance of academic excellence and encourages the students to participate spontaneously in various co-curricular and extracurricular activities. It is my privilege to have been associated and witness to the all round growth and development of LPS, right from its inception. Over the years LPS has grown leaps and bounds by creating niche of accomplishment in the realm of Secondary Education. I hope that the School will play a significant role in the competitive times ahead and scale new heights, translating the dreams of future and education of our country and religion.
I wish grand success to the students and teachers of LPS in their academic endeavors.
Prof. Sanjay Pant (Ex-Head Dept. of Physics DSB Campus, K.U. Nainital):
It has always been a matter of great privilege for me to be associated with the LPS family. On the occasion of the publication of the 15th edition of the School Magazine “Vision” 2016 I express my sincere greetings to the entire LPS family who have been striving hard to achieve their well set objectives despite their considerable constraints. Right from its inception in the year 2001 the school has excelled virtually in every field. LPS is one of the very few schools where beside great emphasis on academics students are exposed to a wide variety of co curricular activities during the span of every session thus providing ample opportunities to all the students to sharpen their hidden talents. The path of success is never easy, but it is not difficult also for one who is determined and focused. It is this determination that I see in the eyes of all the members of the LPS family. I firmly believe that these wings of determination have given LPS the flight of success which has provided the much deserved success in the form of school being ranked No. 1 CBSE school of Nainital. This indeed is and should be a matter of great pride for every member of the LPS family. Each and every student of the school should not only understand the value of the platform on which they stand today but should strive hard and leave no stone unturned to take it to greater heights. Sky is the limit. In the end I would just like to mention that pen is always mightier than the sword and at LPS students learn how to hold and use that Pen.
Maj Gen and Mrs J K Kaushik:
We profoundly congratulate you, the management and the entire teaching faculty for raising the education level of Long View Public School to a height where it has been ranked as no. one CBSE school of Nainital. We have no doubt that with the continued vision and dedication, LPS would soon be ranked no. one CBSE School of India. Our best wishes and unconditional support will always be with School.
Prof. Manju Bisht (Ex Head Dept of Zoology DSB Campus, K.U. Nainital):
It gives me immense pleasure to learn that LPS is releasing the 15th edition of its school magazine “VISION”. The principal, staff, students and all those associated with the institution need to be congratulated for their hard work and interest, which is reflected by the fact that the school is now ranked no. 1 CBSE School of Nainital. Beside academics a lot of emphasis is laid upon games, sports and other extra-curricular activities. The progress made by the institution in the past few years is commendable.
I wish the entire team of LPS a very bright and prosperous future.
Dr. Suresh Dalakoti [E.C. Member, K.U., Nainital]:
I would like to congratulate team LPS for bringing out it’s15th issue of the school magazine Vision 2016. I believe that it is the collaborative contribution of students, parents and teachers which has taken LPS to the level of No.1C.B.S.E School of the town. It is an honour and privilege to be associated closely to an esteemed institution like LPS. I have experienced as a father of an LPS student that an equal emphasis is laid on both academics as well as co-curricular activities, which facilitate an all round development of students. Full participation in academics, co-curricular programmes and willingness to act as responsible individual within the educational environment will enable students to enjoy learning and build successful careers. I extend my best wishes and support to the school.
Mr. Vikram Singh Bisht:
Our town has a proud heritage of educational institutions since last 150 years or more......In the last 15 years one institute that has acquired a lot of acclaim among these old and renowned institutions is LONG VIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL. It is an extra ordinary achievement to make a name for an institute and flourish in a town which holds such a proud heritage. I myself feel proud and honoured to be associated with the name LPS. I also give my best wishes that the institute should continue the practice which has brought it such a good name in the years to come. Rising to be one of the best institutions in Nainital gives me a sense of accomplishment which instils my belief in hard work always pays off. My heartiest congratulations to all the team members of LPS and do keep it up!!!!
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