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The school leadership is an integral part of the school and comprises of a select team of 26 students, chosen by the Principal and the teachers. The cabinet is sworn in an investiture ceremony organized on the LPS Foundation Day i.e. 12th March each year. The cabinet members are appointed for a year, after which the next team takes over. The cabinet is responsible for assisting and supporting the school teams of teachers, house moderators in day to day affairs. These office bearers set role models to promote leadership for the entire student community. They have to be the ambassadors of the school, representing the school within and outside the school. They are expected to maintain the discipline in the school and when they represent the school outside. They also shoulder the responsibility of organizing all sports and cultural events and competitions held in the school. The student representatives act as an important link between the students and the management.

LPS student council consists of the following members:-

School Captain

Vice Captain

School Games Captain

Vice Games Captain

Magazine Editors [English and Hindi]


Cultural Secretary

Vice Cultural Secretary

House Captains [of 4 Houses]

Vice House Captains [of 4 Houses]

Neelkanth [Blue House]

Kanchanjunga [Yellow House]

Trishul [Red House]

Kailash [Green House]

Day scholar Prefect

Boarding Prefect

Club Presidents [of 3 clubs]

Vice Club Presidents

Eco Club

Language Club English & Hindi

Science Club]

Office Bearers' pledge

It is with great honour that I accept the role of school office bearer as.............................

We are eager to take on the responsibilities of being LONG VIEW PUBLIC SCHOOL's newly elected student leaders for the year...........

We do hereby promise that we will strive throughout this year, to be positive role models for our fellow students.

We will accomplish this by taking an active role in all LPS activities and we will strictly follow our school rules and code of conduct.

We will provide assistance to Teachers and authorities in dealing with student responsibilities and needs.

We will be courteous and considerate at all times both to adults and you our fellow students.

We are proud to be school office bearers and we will wear our school badge with honour.

School Captains

THE School Captain and Vice Captain undertake important leadership roles within the student cabinet and they also represent the school all important events. Good communication and confidence is an important aspect to fit into this role. They have to be role models and an exemplary student record is mandatory for this position. The School Captains are expected to work in tandem with school teachers in organising and hosting the daily school routines.

Games Captains

Sport Leaders are responsible for representing the school in sporting events in school or outside the school. They are by default become the discipline in charges and are also responsible for creating a healthy sporting environment for all the children in the school.

Magazine Editors

The school publishes its annual magazine “VISION” every year. Student editors are guided by teacher in charges to take responsibility of daily updates of school events motivate children to write reports and articles for the magazine. Organize creative writing events collect pictures and maintain footprints of activities organized in the school. They are extended helping hand by the class correspondents in collecting articles. They are responsible for display boards and maintain daily updates.

Cultural Secretaries

The School Cultural leaders are students who have shown a strong interest in cultural events like dance, drama, music, debate, elocution etc and are always ready to work extra hours in close association with teacher event in charges and are keen to be involved in promoting cultural activities and events that occur throughout the school year.

House Captains

A House Captain would be a position held by student who excels in both sports and co-curricular activities. He would be student, who is involved in one or more of the many arts activities organized in school at inter house level. He will be working very closely with house moderators, in selecting and finalizing the students for participation in inter-house competitions, school has during the year. The captains would make regular announcements and give updates on upcoming sporting and cultural events. They would also be in charge of helping setup for class performances.

Day Scholar / Boarding Prefect

Day School and Boarding Prefects should act as the role model for all the students in the School. They must adhere to School Rules and Regulations at all times. The main duty of prefects is to maintain an atmosphere of friendly cooperation, peace, discipline and unity in the School. Prefects should serve as counsellors to junior students. Prefects must liaise and collaborate with each other, as a team, to ensure efficiency and smooth running of their own area of responsibility and of the school as a whole. It is also expected from them that they maintain academic and behavioural standards.

Club Captains

The various club captains are expected to perform specific duties related to the nature of their club. They are expected to motivate children to develop natural love and explore the talent they have in specific area. They have to build the temperament for the club related activity for an example an Eco Club President is expected to be conservationist himself and then motivates others to follow his footsteps, a language club president needs to organise events that can help build original style in students or create scientific temperament in students is the responsibility of the science club president. They are expected to organize special assemblies, lectures and exhibitions.

Position Requirement

It is required that students undertaking Student Leadership positions will have a good student record. Their conduct in all school activities must be at a high level at all times. They must demonstrate that you are a good role model for their peers.

Student Leaders are required to be enthusiastic and uphold school ideals and policies. This includes always being an outstanding representative of the school, wearing and promoting the school uniform, involvement in and promoting all school activities including sports and cultural activities.

Selection Process

Students wishing to apply to become school leaders must respond to the Selection Criteria and submit their portfolio to teacher coordinators by November end of the previous year alternatively house moderators and teachers will submit the list of students who fit into the laid up criteria for student leadership.

The applications will be shortlisted by a committee comprising the Principal, coordinators, 5 to 6 teachers. From the applications, a list of the most suitable candidates will be shortlisted for final interaction.

Application for position of Student Leader

Students are to attend to the following selection criteria given below:

Students are to submit the portfolio in an A4 folder. Include following information:

  • Name, Class, House
  • Position applied, order of preference (not all positions need to be filled if not applicable)

    School Captain / Vice Captain

    Cultural Secretary/ Vice Cultural Secretary

    Sport Captain / Vice Sports Captain

    House Captain / Vice House Captain

    Club President / Vice President

    Editor English / Hindi

    Day Scholar / Boarding Prefect

  • What qualities do you have to make you a good Student Leader at Long View Public School?

  • If chosen what are some ideas you may be able to introduce in the School?

  • Previous involvement in school activities (i.e. student council, choir, band, school sporting team, classroom leadership, school musical, cultural activities, school representation etc.)

  • List any awards you have received during your time at LPS or previous schools you have attended.

  • Applications to be handed to the teacher coordinator during November of the previous year.

    For any assistance with your application you may contact your class teacher.

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