• The progress of the student is tested throughout the academic year by the teacher’s daily assessment of a child’s class work and home work and by a series of tests conducted at regular intervals. The school follows continuous and comprehensive assessment strictly and ensures that they do their work thoroughly and regularly.
  • The promotion of a student does not depend upon a single annual examination. For a student to be promoted to the next class he is expected to pass in all the major subjects and also show progress during the year in all other subjects. The decision to promote a student lies with the Principal and is final and binding on the parents.
  • In classes I to VIII the child will only be made to repeat the class if child does not come to school regularly or School/Principal in due consultation with the parents are of the opinion that it’s for the explicit benefit of the child. In classIX and X promotion will be based on CBSE norms applicable from time to time.
  • Students who have failed to secure minimum passing grades and demonstrate poor academic and all round performance as determined by the School/Principal and are of the opinion that repeating the class is of little or no benefit to them or they are below average for the class shall be withdrawn from the school.
  • The academic performance and behaviour of the students will be under constant scrutiny.
  • The record of a student’s academic attainment is sent to the parents / guardians at the end of each period of assessment.
  • Students who make little progress owing to habitual absenteeism, idleness or proven incapability may be asked to leave at the end of the academic year.
  • In case a student absents himself from a test for no valid reason, he will not be allowed to sit for a separate test. A separate test may be allowed in exceptional cases at the sole discretion of the Principal, who will be the final authority in such matters.
  • Should a child fail to qualify for promotion for two consecutive years, he will have to be withdrawn from the school.
  • The students using unfair means in exams or carrying unlawful material shall be severely punished even to the extent of being de-badged if he holds any position or barred from various memberships of clubs etc.
  • Promotion Granted request to be recorded on students’ T.C. will not be entertained in case parents wish to withdraw a student who has failed to secure promotion.
  • The Principal holds the right to withhold a child’s promotion.
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