Director's Message

Sunita Tripathi
Alumni of St. Mary’s Convent College and Kumaon University Nainital.
Director and Managing Partner at Aahan The Corbett Wilderness and Ayu Nature Reserve.
Founder member and Ex Principal Long View Public School, Nainital.
Very polite, humble, dedicated and sensitive towards the upliftment of weaker section of the society.
Nature Lover and puts constant efforts and endeavours for the protection of the environment.

Students, Teachers and Parents,
Envisioned 18 years ago was a dream, a dream where LPS was not just an ordinary educational institute, but a home where children interacted freely, tested their own limits, excelled in different fields, learnt from art and culture, and I can proudly say that this dream is coming true. It overwhelms me to see the pedestal that we have made ourselves from the past 18 years. Today, it proudly stands ringing all your achievements. Each day seeing the achievements of the school, I have no hesitation in calling this year a “Year of Achievements”. I begin with the excellent board result, where we not only achieved a 100 % result but also our school topper scored a 96.5%. I would like to congratulate the students, the teachers, the Principal and especially the parents on the excellent result. It is the combined effort of everyone that has helped the children reach their potential.

I was also glad to learn that the school was rated as the “Best CBSE School” in Nainital by Today research and rating network, for this year. The school was also awarded by Education Today as “The School for Holistic Development and Most Innovative CBSE School in Uttarakhand”. I would like to congratulate the principal and his team for continued efforts for striving towards excellence. These awards and accolades make me happy that the dream, of the patron and the founding members, seems to be coming true.

I am also happy to see that our commitment towards environment seems to be growing by leaps and bounds. The cleanliness drives that the school’s eco club team organizes periodically and the tree plantation drives shows our renewed pledge for safeguarding the environment. I acknowledge the “little” initiatives the school has taken to protect the environment. I say “little”, because though it is a small effort, it still takes a lot of strength to follow it each and it is this effort which results in big wonders. Just an initiative of not using ‘plastic bags’, safeguards the environment. And I am happy to see that the children have imbibed these values as a part of them. Now this is what I call Education.

In addition to a multitude of activities that are organized in the school as well as inter-school participation, I was also a witness to some beautiful music soirees that the school hosted. Pt. Salil Bhatt Ji’s Satvik Veena to Padma Shree Pt. Bhajan Sopori with his santoor to Pt. Chetan Joshi with his flute recital; each of them left a profound impact on our children through their wonderful performances. Not lagging behind in the scientific field we had Dr. Hem Chand from ARIES with ‘Our Cosmic Connection’, to satisfy the scientific quest for knowledge, of the children.
you grow by leaps and bounds.

Sunita Tripathi
Longview Public School, Nainital
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