General Rules

  • LPS believes in firmness and discipline. Disobedience and disregard of rules is not tolerated. The students have to follow code of conduct. Any violation of code of conduct will call for disciplinary action. Students are expected to conduct themselves with dignity and poise, be polite and courteous to their parents and elders and co-operate with their colleagues. Parents’ co-operation with the school is crucial in helping their child develop into a worthy citizen of tomorrow.
  • Telephone calls- Telephone facility through wardens is available to boarding children on fixed days of the week.
  • Food Parcels- The School does not permit food parcels or fruit parcels to the students, as parcels usually arrive late in damaged condition and fruits often get over ripe and unfit for consumption. NO TUCK SHOULD BE GIVEN TO THE STUDENTS
  • Possession of expensive articles- Parents are advised not to send their children with expensive electronic items i.e. watch, cameras, etc. The School will not be responsible for any loss incurred by the student. Mobile phones, music players such as i-pods and MP3 or MP4 should not be given to the children. If a mobile or music player is found in the possession of any school child, strict action will be taken. All banned items, if found, will be confiscated and will not be returned in any circumstances.
  • Additional Pocket Money- Parents are requested not to give any extra pocket money to their children during their visits. This rule has been made with the intention of preventing the students from developing undesirable habits and also with a view to minimize differences between the children based purely on financial status of the parents. No money order is to be sent to the students directly. If on checking, any money is found, it will be confiscated and transferred to the School fund.
  • Spoken English- It is expected that each student will make most of the opportunities available to him of perfecting his command over spoken English. He must, therefore converse in English at all times.
  • Deference- The students must show due respect to their teachers and all members of the staff, to parents and well-wishers of the School and to all casual visitors who come to the campus on sight-seeing visits.
  • Vested Power- Acting on behalf of the Managing Committee, the Principal is empowered to waive any of the rules in the prospectus without assigning any reason for her action.
  • Managerial Power- The interpretation of any rule in the prospectus, as well as any amendment to it rests solely and entirely with Managing Committee of the School. Their interpretation will be final and binding on parents and guardians and in no case shall lie in Court of Law irrespective of their decision.
  • Parents are requested not to meet the teaching staff directly. No verbal assurance given by any member of the staff will be binding on the School. Parents should always write to the Principal on any point they wish to make or clarify.
  • Corporal punishment in all forms is banned in school.
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